Leo Moyer
02/14/2007 - 01/04/2019

Leo was my best friend. We were soul mates from the beginning- he loved me for who I was and I loved him for who he was. It did not matter where we were and what we were doing he always welcomed me with hugs and kisses. He cried when I cried and he was always there to offer me comfort when I was down. Leo was so special because he loved all people and loved showing his special tricks of sitting, rolling over to get his belled rubbed and snuggled with anyone he could. Leo touched me and my husbands hearts in so many ways its hard to explain. Leo you are always in our hearts, prayers, thoughts and memories. We loved you as much as we would have loved a child. Leo we miss you so much but know that God is taking good care of you in heaven. Love you my boo boo Crystal Moyer

Previous Home: Conshohocken, Pa
Parents: Crystal Moyer

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