Brownie Bly-Pierce
- 10/01/2018

Our beloved Brownie was adopted in April 2016 at the age of 2 years old. Meeting Brownie the day he came home was exciting. I knew he was special and a part of our family. He was happy to have a new home with wonderful parents and family that loved him. Brownie enjoyed walks, playing with toys, and being in the company of family. I always enjoyed listening to music with Brownie. He loved hearing all music genres and watching me dance. Brownie also enjoyed riding in the car with his dad and always looked forward to delicious dog treats. Brownie was well behaved. He always enjoyed baths and grooming. Besides baths, Brownie was very unique and smart. Although he could not talk, he understood communication and commands. He was very watchful and protective of George and I and aware of his surroundings. Brownie was a wonderful pet and friend. Brownie brought so much joy in our life. We will miss our adorable and sweet little Brownie. You are no longer in pain. Enjoy playing with other animals in heaven. May you rest in peace and heaven sweet angel. Mom and dad love you. You will forever be in our hearts.

Previous Home: Canoga Park, California
Parents: Leslie & George Bly-Pierce

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