10/04/2000 - 09/11/2017

Bella joined our little family- my mum, dad and I, when I was only three years old. We grew up together, she was always there. If you were relaxing watching telly, she'd be delighted to curl up beside you (and sometimes she'd sneakily climb into your bed at night- and take up more room than you did!!) If cats could roll their eyes, she would, with how often I'd want to take her picture and give her all the kisses in the world. We could sit for hours and play with her favourite laser toy, watching her chase a red dot around the living room or other times spend hours trying to find her, only to find she'd wedged herself between the cushions on the sofa to have a cosy sleep! As the years went by and we all grew older and slower (maybe not me as such!) Bella calmed down and most of the time enjoyed snoozing in warm places and exploring the garden (especially rolling in the grass!). On a Monday morning in mid-September, Bella fell asleep one last time. She now lays in our garden, fairy lights and candles are lit so she knows she is never forgotten. She is never far from my thoughts or from conversation. She is dearly missed and loved always. Sleep tight Bells xxx

Previous Home: Scotland
Parents: Emma Sim

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