Mr. Whiskers
6/25/2004 - 2/29/2016

I miss you so much my beautiful beloved boy. He first came to me by sleeping on my deck. I reached to pet him on the head and could feel the fleas and flea eggs. I got a tube of Revolution and put on him. I then put him in a cage along with a litter box and food and water. The weather started getting hot so I got him tested on July 4, 2006. I prayed until the test results came back and he was in good shape. I was getting ready to move with six other cats and a dog. I thought after I moved that I would get him fixed and turn him loose. After he recuperated from being fixed, I took him outside. He followed me around the house and back inside where he spent the remainder of his life. I love you and miss you so much my dear boy.

Previous Home: Peru, IN
Parents: Carol Wilcox
ORB Sibblings: Groucho  Tyler  Chloe  Clovis  Fluffy  Bitsy  Cosmo  Queen Beatrice (Queenie)  Kitti Kat  Stella  Ole Yeller  

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