- September 7, 2001

Our darling Chloe left us Friday. She went to meet my dad who left us December 2, 2000. Chloe was Dad's kitty. He loved her and worried about his kitty even as he lay dying. Chloe joined him Friday. I had her litter mate, Zoe, who left me in February 1999. I have missed Zoe so very much and I will miss darling little Chloe. But I know she is in Heaven laying on Dad's lap. Chloe and Zoe were both stray cats that showed up at our door. My mother is grieving and will grieve for a long time over Chloe. But I know Chloe you are with Dad now where you belong.

Previous Home: Wabash, IN U.S.A.
Parents: Carol Wilcox
ORB Sibblings: Groucho  Tyler  Clovis  Fluffy  Bitsy  Cosmo  Queen Beatrice (Queenie)  Mr. Whiskers  Kitti Kat  Stella  Ole Yeller  

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