Cleo “Spunky Cat”
10/31/2002 - 03/08/2021

Cleo was the best cat anyone could ever have. She was stubborn, full of life, and loved all creatures big and small. If there was a mouse in the house or a hamster on the loose she would not harm them but rather cuddle and take care of them as if they were her babies. She slept in bed with me, her baby, from the time she was brought home. She fought to the very end until her kidney failure, deaf and blindness, and very advanced age took her spunk away, but still in her illness she showed no pain nor fear and remained the sweetest kitty in the world until she took her last breath. In her final moments, she licked my hand as if to tell me she would be okay. The whole family misses you spunky butt

Previous Home: Hastings, MN
Parents: Shelby Trobaugh

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