6/15/09 - 5/13/20

Carlie was a special little dog who had very unique personality! She came into our lives in 2010 after our beloved Jennie went to the Rainbow Bridge Jennie was a Mommy's girl and while our other 2 dogs Bambi who passed away in 2016 and Lucy our mini Schnauzer who is still with us gravitated toward me Carlie was Mommy's girl!! When we first got her I wanted to make sure that she was a Mommy's girl so I totally ignored her the first couple days that we had her. That is all it took, while she loved her daddy, she would give me kisses when I came home but any other time whenever I would even look at her she would move away and sit somewhere else She did not want to be held by anyone else but her mommy!! She only had eyes for her Mommy and was happiest when she was in her Mommy's arms!! She was a silly little girl who would had some quirks!! She would wag just the tip of her tail like a cat and when Lucy would go by one of her biscuits she would make a goofy noise somewhere between a bark and a yelp!! Carlie went relatively quickly as she was sick for a long time and was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge where Bambi has been waiting for her. Goodbye Carlie till we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge!!

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