- 02/04/2020

this was hard too - you were too young to leave us Cake is struggling - she misses you - I miss you too You were such a good dog (well you acted like one) - you learned your tasks well I needed you to not be so miserable and since you stopped eating and peeing and pooping and were only drinking a small amount now compared to before - it was time - you didn't need to find a cold room to die but you wanted the isolation. I don't know how much weight you lost - the vet noticed you had lost move when he came to do the final deed. Scott and Suzanne took care of burying you - you are next to your sister Goldpoint and your sister you hadn't met before Dot. You were just too young for this to happen.

Previous Home: Ocean Shores and Hoquiam WA
Parents: Susan N
ORB Sibblings: Dot  

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