Chip Marshall
07/01/2012 - 02/27/2019

Chip (1.7.2012 – 27.2.2019): aka Little Chip, Chips, Chipster, Chipsy, Chigley, Chigley Chimp, Chigley Mipster, Mipster, Little Darlin’ Chip was the sister of my little rabbit Toffee, and after Toffee’s death, which I still hate myself for, I asked if I could look after one of his siblings to atone in some way. And so Chip came to live with my, a feisty grey and white little mini lop. Although small, Chip would take no nonsense from any other rabbit, and as far back as I remember, she would always stand her ground. Her lifelong companions were Bertie, Billy and Bugsy. My earliest memory of her is nibbling open her stitches after being neutered, and the panic as I put an elasticated bandage round her and had to wait for the vet the next day. She was fine, and I don’t recall any particular health problems. Like many rabbits, Chip was not particularly affectionate but wanted attention. When you finally gave it to her she would nudge and grind her teeth, head butting you if you were lucky, nipping you if you were not. The one problem she did sometimes have was messing herself. When she did this she would basically come up to me and stare at me. “Steve. Clean me up.” This I would dutifully do, and then when dried and put back in the front room she would skip away, shaking her wet fur and grooming herself. She did go through a phase of bullying Billy by biting him when she was annoyed, and he then had to go round wearing an elasticated bandage while he healed. Fortunately this only lasted for maybe a year. Territoral rather than sociable, Chip never got on with any of my other females. When I opened the barrier between the two downstairs rooms she would venture into the other sometimes, but then retreat and guard the entrance to her own half when another bunny approached. Her friends were all males : Billy, Bugsy and Bertie – and me I hope. The garden in summer was a different story -it is neutral territory. She would find a spot she liked and blissfully ignore any other rabbit who was running about. In the last few weeks of her life there had been an incontinence problem which might have been a urinary infection, but antibiotics seemed to have cleared it up and the scald had ceased. Although I was keeping an eye on her (she was at that age) I had no particular specific worries. Wednesday the 27th was a day off, and I had been sat in the same room as her and Bill, and last noticed her around 5 ish sitting under the table on her rug with Bill. Around seven I got up to collect the food dishes to feed my bunnies, and saw her lying at the back of the table/ den area. She had simply and quietly passed away. So I feel the usual mechanical numbness: another precious little life passed away. Bill looks upset, and due to bunny politics I will need to see if I can adopt another female for him to be friends with tomorrow. Bill is the same age as Chip and Bertie, who recently passed away. Chip was certainly a character- a grumpy little Miss, who would stand up to anyone. She did at least trust me, and knew I would help her when she needed it. Goodbye for now Little Chip x x x

Previous Home: Sabden, England
Parents: Steve Marshall
ORB Sibblings: Biggles Marshall  Toffee Marshall  Sasha Marshall   Thumper Marshall  Max Marshall  Dillon Aspden Marshall  Misty Marshall  Beth Marshall  Flash Marshall  Bugsy Marshall  Bertie Marshall  Billy Marshall  

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