Madison (Maddie)
10/04/2005 - 04/02/2019

Rest in Peace my little lamb. The house is lonely, your sister is confused and your brother is dealing with emotions he has never experienced. Your favorite spots are vacant and so is my heart. You were my shadow, my best friend and devoted to a fault. You were under my feet, next to my seat, protector to all. You were Harrison's second mommy. Peaking into the bassinet, the crib, his room. Even on your final day, you burst into his room to check to see that he was getting up. You suffered in silence always keeping up; a proven survivor over your many years. May you enjoy your life over the Rainbow Bridge with Miller, Grandma and so many that met and loved you. Forever faithful to us, we are forever faithful to you. All our love.. Mommy, Daddy and Millie and H

Previous Home: Lutherville, MD
Parents: Scott, Amy and Harrison Morton
ORB Sibblings: Miller  

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