- 08/04/2018

Griffin Chester Kitten left us today after 16 years as our "kitten". Griffin, your family legacy is rich with memories of the moments you shared with us: giving top-of-the-line kitty hugs, determinedly trying to fix Katie's dog bed, dazzling us with incredible, spring-loaded jumps, secreting away in nearly impossible to find kitty-hiding places, expounding on tales of your 42 kidnappings (actually being a good and popular traveler/guest as you were caravanned to us in South Carolina), tolerating family moves to new houses and decidedly less successfully tolerating new pet additions. You and your BFF and brother, Trevor are together again. Trevor and all of your heavenly family and friends will love and protect you. We will be reunited some day. Until then, know that we love and miss you, sweet boy.

Previous Home: Southern Illinois
Parents: Becky and Bob Beskow
ORB Sibblings: Scotty Dog  Scout Kitty  Tara Tara Do  Katie Did  Trevor  Ruff  Bailey  

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