10/10/2005 - 05/11/2018

You came into my life, a small fluffy puppy that I refused to get to know. You were smart, loving, joyful, and loyal despite it all. It's not an easy thing to be house broken in Fargo ND January temps but you did what you had to without whimper. You loved the lake, chasing chipmunks/squirrels and had me scared when you got into something that caused you to throw up blood. You spent the night in the animal hospital IV fluids running and when you came home with me, I realized my heart was yours. You followed me to Africa, and back, Minnesota and Tampa, Florida. Always ready to travel without complaint, just a member of the family. You always wondered about those "animals" the rest of the family pets, because you were human :-) You were my main squeeze, the one who lavished me with unconditional love, who ran for joy when I came home after tough days. We found the cancer in August, lived through the loss of mom, continued to enjoy our walks, treats, sitting together and snuggling. When the end drew near, you sensed it, bleeding once we reached the vets office. You didn't shake that visit, but I held you close, so tight that day. It was time to help you cross the Rainboe Bridge and you went ever so calmly. I miss you with all my heart, the one you stole, and tears fall every day. You have been and will always be my beloved miniature Schnoodle, the smartest, most loving soul I have ever known. I will love you forever my furry friend and main man, Oscar.

Previous Home: Tampa, FL, USA
Parents: Pat and Kevin Crawford

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