Bunny Dawn Kelly
08/16/2002 - 07/08/2017

She loves hugs!!! She always gave love all the time without reservation. We love her a lot and she always be Tiny Bushz/Jellybean/Loaf of Bread/Nugget/Pastrami Girl/Bunskaroni. We miss her and she will always be in our hearts. There is no other girl like her. She was Mommy's girl and Caitlin's sissy and the best furry person ever. Say hi to Adi, Cheyenne, Ellas, Pepper, Mia, Zoey, Star and Sophie. Life will never be the same without you. We think of you every day and wish you could have been with us for much longer. You were gone so quickly. We love you so so much and miss you. I am so happy I was you Mommy and your were my girl. You gave us so much joy and love and I really really hope I see you again someday my little Bun Bun.

Previous Home: Ellington, CT
Parents: Caitlin, Mom, Grammy, Nathan and Auntie Dawn
ORB Sibblings: Sophie  Star  Zoey  Mia  Pepper  Ella  Adi  

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