01/15/1999 - 05/01/17

Lincoln and I found each other in July 2001 shortly after I lost Misty to cancer at age 10. Lincoln had been found in a garage and his right rear leg was badly injured. He was taken to Sav-a-Pet in Grayslake where he was treated however they could not save his leg. When I first saw him and started playing with him I did not even notice he was missing a leg. When it was pointed out to me I was amazed. After thinking it over for a night I decided a cat with three legs and his personality was exactly what I needed. I felt I had taken Misty for granted at times, and knew that would not be the case with Lincoln, a three-legged cat. I took him home and a month later he was joined by Abby, who he raised from a kitten and became his forever friend. A few years later he was joined by a new forever friend, Lizzie who he is now reunited with. Lincoln was the gentlest cat I have ever known. He loved all people, climbing trees, running with the wind, cuddling with Abby, Lizzie, me, Marina, and Carina, investigating our yards and the neighborhood when he got the opportunity, and just lying in the warm sunlight or taking a nap in his bed on the hallway landing. He survived his accident, his recurring seizures, his heart murmur and his kidney disease with endless energy and zest for all things good in life. Lincoln lived and enjoyed life the way we all should and I will never forget him and the love he gave us for 15 1/2 of his 18 years. Love, Dave, Marina, and Carina

Previous Home: Arlington Heights, IL
Parents: Dave Lester
ORB Sibblings: Lizzie  Misty  Jeff  Abby  

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