Max Marshall
8/2/2008 - 3/3/2016

MAX: (9.2.2008. – 3.3.2016.) aka. Maxie, Maxie Miggle, The Miggler, Maxwell, Monkey Max. Max was born in September 2008 as a second litter to my friends's bunnies Dillon and Sasha. His siblings were Max, Rory and Lukas/ Bugsy, and Biggles was his older (by a month) brother. He was an orange/ ginger Lion Head, with an extremely good nature and placid temperament He, Max and Rory were homed with a family who thought it would be a great idea (duh....) to give each of their kids a bunny. To give an example, they decided to get rid of Max by letting him loose in the field behind their garden – fortunately he ran back. My friend found out and immediately rehomed Max with me in late 2009. At the time I only had Biggles and Max, and Biggles absolutely loved him: everybody did. He was always everybody’s favourite bun. “We all love Maxie.” As more bunnies were added Max was always the one who was nice to them and made friends -accepting them into the group. Max was extremely good natured – a gentleman, if you like. He sat with them when no one else would, and acted as their way into the group. He was a very wise bunny. He was sensitive too: when Biggles passed away he was upset, and he knew that I was too – similarly with little Toffee. He would climb up unto the back of the sofa and nudge me, knowing that something was wrong. Along with Thumper his brother, and my beautiful English Misty, he would sit in an almost perfect arrow formation, noses touching. “The Three Musketeers”, as visitors inevitably called them. He wasn’t great at being picked up, but loved the occasional tummy tickle, when he would go into ecstasy. His favorite things in the world were Dill, Mint and raisins. Whereas Thumper and Biggles were nutcases, Max was always extremely sensible. In his youth he could run like lightning too; he wasn’t agile like Biggles or a great climber and explorer like Thumper, but he certainly could run. In general life was good for Maxie; having learned from bitter experience I managed to coax him through the odd bout of stasis. He had a phase which I think was due to nervousness when he lost a bit of fur, but a re -organisation of who played with whom resolved that. He mixed well and he absolutely loved the summer, when I sit out in the garden and give the buns free rein - a small garden, enclosed by high stone walls and safe, with lots of long grass, shade and plants to explore. When Thumper passed away in spring 2015 it was a bit of a shock, and I kept a wary eye on Max. Around August tooth problems as experienced by Biggles started to appear, and he had to go in for regular clipping. At one of these they noticed a more severe dental problem, and one line of molars had to be removed. This meant regular dentals approximately every 6 weeks -but he weathered it all, despite my worries. There was also occasional fitting, possibly linked with the onset of cataracts, but these were not problematic as yet. I made sure he always got extra special treats because of what he had to tolerate: I loved him. And then he stopped eating. Stasis again I thought, and took him in for diagnosis and the usual drugs. I syringe fed him. But his behaviour was different. He wanted to be alone; on the eve of 2nd March he went and sat in the litter tray at bedtime. I cleaned it out, thickened the hay and put him back, extremely worried. The next morning I took him straight back, as I was worried about the lack of pellets this night. But he produced some there, so that was ok. When I brought him home I lowered him down, and he wriggled out of my hand and onto his rug -only a foot or so but he landed on his side awkwardly, and limped a bit. I rang the vet straight away, booked the day off work, and was due to get him in at lunchtime -3 hours away. In retrospect I think Maxie's systems were failing: being a wise bunny, he knew it, even if I didn't yet. I love him even more. I fed him and put him safe in a cage. Rested in a lot of hay. I went on the computer for half an hour and when I checked he had passed away. I’ve heard about how rabbits decline rapidly, and I think this was the case with my Max: he knew it was his time and wanted to pass without fuss. Losing Maxie is especially hard: he was the last of my original bunny brothers, and I have a very special place for him. I hope he’s playing with his brothers. “We all love Maxie” x x x.

Previous Home: Sabden, England
Parents: Steve Marshall
ORB Sibblings: Biggles Marshall  Toffee Marshall  Sasha Marshall   Thumper Marshall  Dillon Aspden Marshall  Misty Marshall  Beth Marshall  Flash Marshall  Bugsy Marshall  Bertie Marshall  Chip Marshall  Billy Marshall  

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