08-01-1996 - 04-01-2015

My darling little black and white kitty never warmed up. She was always a bit wild. I would be able to run her down to catch her if I needed to take her to safety. She stayed inside. Her buddy was Mojo. She was curl up with Mojo whenever he would allow it. She stayed in the garage because she felt safe there. Later as she was sick she would venture into the house. The garage was attached and had a furnace to keep my Bitsy Girl warm.

Previous Home: 2549 W. Woodland Ave., Peru, IN
Parents: Carol Wilcox
ORB Sibblings: Groucho  Tyler  Chloe  Clovis  Fluffy  Cosmo  Queen Beatrice (Queenie)  Mr. Whiskers  Kitti Kat  Stella  Ole Yeller  

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