- 7/31/2015

On 11/16/2013, Gizmo came to me at five years of age. I still remember the ad - free ferret, broken leg. Gizmo had fallen 32 stories off a balcony in Brooklyn, NY. His cagemate had died in the fall. A rescue was set up and Giz was put in a "get away" car and driven out of the city. A few weeks later Gizmo came to me, and my life was changed forever. We laughed at your antics and admired his courage. Nothing stopped Giz and the day he got over his fear of heights and climbed those stairs, I stood at the bottom and cheered Giz on while his buddy, Thunder stood at the top waiting patiently. We love you and will miss forever little one. DIP

Previous Home: Pennsylvania
Parents: Carolyn
ORB Sibblings: Lucie  Bandit  Bella Donna  Phoenix  Otis Huckleberry  Angel  Hobbits  Thunder  Nell  Chance  Taz the Jazz Man  Mollie  Bearon  

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