Thumper Marshall
9/2/2008 - 4/18/2015

(aka Tumpa, Tumperman, Thumps, Tumps, Mr. Tumps, Tiddly Tump, Bobby Tumps, Bunny Bear). Thumper was born in September 2008 as a second litter to my friends's bunnies Dillon and Sasha. His siblings were Max, Rory and Lukas/ Bugsy, and Biggles was his older (by a month) brother. He was a beautiful silver grey Lion Head, which gave the appearance of a cuddly teddy bear. He, Max and Rory were homed with a family who thought it would be a great idea (duh....) to give each of their kids a bunny. it wasn't, and by summer 2010 my friend had re-homed Max with me. One night in the Autumn she asked me to mind Thumper overnight: she had rescued him from a hutch with no hay or food. I said ok, but of course Thumper stayed happily for the rest of his life. He took brilliantly to being a house bun: he loved it. There was something about Thumper - he was ALWAYS enjoying himself - you could even see it in the way he hopped about. He was very good natured and got on well with all my later bunnies, although he had a blip with my Rescue Bunny Beth who bit half an ear off. This just made him look roguish and more cute. His special friend was Misty: she was a beautiful English bunny I acquired after Biggles departed. At night they would sit together in a den in my kitchen, and sometimes I would get down at floor level and Misty would lick my face. I would kiss her back, and then Thump would nuzzle me for his kiss. I would kiss him and Misty would nuzzle me for another one, and so on, till the game ended. Thump loved having you at ground zero. He would hop on my back and wait for me to lift and crawl round, with him like a Big Game Hunter astride an elephant. His other trick was climbing the stairs to explore forbidden rooms, and the mock chase which followed. On my lie in days off he would push the bedroom door open and scuttle round. Sometimes I would pick him up onto the bed where he would bounce or tunnel. If he liked you he would dig you: amusing if destructive to clothing and mildly painful. His other great friend was his brother Max: he really loved him. He, Max and Misty would formation sit together, noses touching. Visitors called them 'The Three Musketeers'. Thump had no health problems till I spotted a leg wound on Wednesday 15th April: the vet diagnosed this as an abcess and prescribed antibiotic initially, though he thought that after it had been given a chance to work surgery would likely be necessary. Thump was grumpy but still energetic, until Saturday 18th: I was visiting friends but took him and he sat in their outdoor run in the sunshine nibbling parsley and making friend with Bella, one of their buns. On the way home I rang the vets about his seeming lethargy: they thought it was likely a reaction to the antibiotic. I decided to take him in on my day off monday anyway. We went home and watched Apollo 13 on the sofa, with two guest buns including his dad Dillon. Around 9.30 pm he shuddered a bit and I picked him up for another cuddle. Thumps was quite still and concerned I rang the emergency vet. He gave a little sigh. When I got to the vet he pronounced him gone: the little sigh was probably his final goodbye. I am absolutely heartbroken: I anticipated a difficult time for Thumps but not this. I'm nowadays a solitary individual and my rabbits mean a great deal to me. Thumper especially, in so many ways. He and Max were the last of my original bunny family with Biggles and their mum Sasha now departed: I was still hoping for several happy years together. I will miss that naughty, playful, roguish little bun: he was just a bundle of happiness and zest for life. Misty and Max will too, as will the others. I will remember him always, and although I cannot now play mock chase with him, I hope he's still doing that with Biggles, and Toffee, and Sasha. We love you Thump x x x.

Previous Home: Sabden, England
Parents: Steve Marshall
ORB Sibblings: Biggles Marshall  Toffee Marshall  Sasha Marshall   Max Marshall  Dillon Aspden Marshall  Misty Marshall  Beth Marshall  Flash Marshall  Bugsy Marshall  Bertie Marshall  Chip Marshall  Billy Marshall  

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