Sasha Marshall
7/1/2007 - 1/12/2014

(aka. Sashie, Smashie, Migbot) My Sasha was the bravest and toughest little animal I have ever known, and her attitude would put most humans to shame. The last few years of her life were not easy and she bore it with good nature, stoicism and a zest for life. Sasha did not start out as my bunny. My friend Elaine originally acquired her as a companion for her bunny Dillon. as an 'unwanted pet' from the UK Chain Pet Store 'Pets at Home'. Allegedly she was a Biter, and had been returned several times. I remember helping pick her up in my car: a quiet and pretty brindle lop ear contained in a cardboard box. The biting stuff was nonsense. She was a totally cuddly bunny, and on the occasions when Elaine brought her over she would basically stay on the sofa (while my own bunnies ran around the room), and come over to me or Elaine for cuddles. The nearest she ever got to biting was playing with the sleeve of your shirt. At home it was my understanding that she loved sunning herself and running round Elaine's yard in the summer, and in the evening she enjoyed being let in with Dillon and sitting on their rug watching TV. When I came to share her life later she still loved to do this: sitting in her cushion next to me on the sofa, and gazing at the TV. One of my younger bunnies Bertie would sit with her and they would cuddle together. She had two litters with Dillon, and these included my beloved Biggles (also playing at the Bridge) and Max and Thumper, who still live with me. Basically, Sasha was a little sweetheart. In autumn 2011 Elaine came over one day in tears- Sasha has lost mobility and her head was tilted. This was a shock and a learning exercise but we eventually deduced Sasha had either had a stroke or an attack of EC. Elaine could no longer keep her as an outdoor bunny, so I convinced her that I would look after her as an indoor bunny. I made an indoor pen out of run sections, with a profleece floor, and at night she slept in that. As I came to understand the problem she received medication (panacur monthly, and regular eye ointment), but realised the immediate mobility issue was due to urine scald. Once I learned to manage this she basically learned to walk again, and for the next two years went through cycles of regaining 60-70% mobility alternating with 3-4 week 'down periods' of scald and rebuilding strength / confidence. Throughout all this Sasha never gave up. She ate like a horse, enjoyed the company of my other bunnies, loved to watch TV and purred like a kitten. She toddled around and learned to live with her head tilt, and looked up at you in her cute lop eyed way. Initially my local vet practice, bar one particular vet experienced in small animals, were sceptical. But she never gave up and it worked. In the end I only ever took her to this one particular vet. In late 2013 she had one of her periodic relapses, and this time the recovery was slow, and she lost weight. There were a few hiccups over christmas, and then the day or so before her passing her accumulated problems finally proved too much for her. On the saturday night we watched 'Pirates of the Carribean IV' with Bertie, and I slept with her on the living room floor all night. On Sunday morning I took her to the Emergency Clinic at the vets, and the vet who had dealt with Sasha was on duty. Unfortunately there was only one possible alternative, and sweet Sashie went to sleep in my arms. Obviously I am horribly upset, but I count myself fortunate to have shared my life with Sasha for the last two years or so; I also hope I helped her and extended her life and quality of life. I certainly had a soft spot for her, and she returned the affection in spades. I miss you Sashie, and I hope that we will be together again one day x x x.

Previous Home: Sabden, England
Parents: Steve Marshall
ORB Sibblings: Biggles Marshall  Toffee Marshall  Thumper Marshall  Max Marshall  Dillon Aspden Marshall  Misty Marshall  Beth Marshall  Flash Marshall  Bugsy Marshall  Bertie Marshall  Chip Marshall  Billy Marshall  

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