4/24/2001 - 10/28/2013

Oh my little Bubba, I just can't believe that you left us today. Mommy's heart hurts so bad, you can't even imagine. I know the past few days your little life has not been very good, and I'm so sorry. I know you were not in any pain, but you were not the happy little boy you used to be. I'm sure your little chick Randie Lee is going to happy to see you again. And since Bo Duke just crossed, you two can learn all about your new life over there. Always know that Mommy and Daddy loved you so much and we miss you more than you can imagine. Nash and Flash miss you too, Nash is walking around looking for you. You were their big brother and the boss of the beagles. Run Free Bubba, have fun again and know that you will see us again. Love Mommy and Daddy!!!! Bubba, it's only been 5 1/2 hours and it's still not any easier, Mommy still cries over losing you. Be a strong boy for Mommy... Hi Bubba, how are you doing? Boy the house sure is quite and lonely without you. All Flash and Nash do is sleep, so I have no little boy following me around, rolling on the floor and barking and having fun. I miss you my little man! Hugs and Kisses! Hello my little Bubba boy, Man I am still missing you. I just found some pictures on my phone of you laying on your back on the porch, my goodness you were one funny little fellow when you slept. I always knew when you laid on your back like that, you were feeling fine. You didn't lay on your back the last fews days of your time here with us. Flash is trying to take your place here with me, he's a special little boy, but not you, but I will give him all the love and attention that I gave you so he knows that Mommy loved all her little babies equally. I love you Bubba and the joy you brought to me and Daddy is so special. You will always be held in a special place in my heart and I will never ever forget you my little man!! Hi Bubba, no Mommy hasn't forgotten about you, I think about you every day. I see your little cute round face everywhere. Lee and I were just saying how different it is here without you. I hope you're having fun on the other side, but I also hope that you remember me and how much I loved you my little man. <3 <3 Hi Bubba, how's life over the bridge? Was thinking about you this morning and me and Grandma were talking about you last night, how you were the king of the pack. You were so cute walking with your butt up in the air like King Dog, lol. Mommy still thinks about you daily and hopes your running around and having fun with Randie Lee. Love you my Little Man <3 <3 Hi Bubba! Mommy here still missing you! Love you my little man! Hi Bubba, it's been a month or so since I wrote to you, hope you having fun and running around chasing Mandy, Candie, Randie, Dukie. Mr D flew up on Sunday, I guess he was tired too. We got Miss Sunny a new friend his name's Harley. Flash and Nash said to tell you WOOOF, and to let everyone else know they are thinking of them and miss them. Love you my little man!!

Previous Home: Pittsburg, California
Parents: Lee and Cheri Crane
ORB Sibblings: Candie Ann  Mandy Lynn  Randie Lee  Little Bo Duke  Nash  Harley  Flash  

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