Little Bo Duke
4/27/2001 - 10/25/2013

Hi Bo Duke, we hope you were able to cross over the bridge OK. I know the girls were there to guide you across and even though they know you're not with us anymore, they are happy that you're there with them. You were our little live wire, we thought you would be the last to go. Mommy and Daddy feel sad that you had to leave us so unexpectedly. We will always remember you Dukie, you gave us hours and hours of laughs. Bubba, Flash and Nash said to tell you they love and miss you already. Hi Dukie, how are you doing there? Having fun being the Royal Duke? We sure hope so. We miss you here, and hope you're having fun. Are you playing with the girls and Bubba? I bet you're glad your not the only boy, or maybe not, lol. Still love and miss you Bo Dukie! <3 <3

Previous Home: California
Parents: Lee and Cheri Crane
ORB Sibblings: Candie Ann  Mandy Lynn  Randie Lee  Bubba  Nash  Harley  Flash  

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