01/01/2001 - 8/23/2013

The circle of love I remember the day you came into our lives. You were 8 months old, weighed 20 lbs and were 75% hairless. This was considerably undersized for a black lab/chow mix. You had been so badly abused that you dared not trust. Your eyes had no twinkle and your step had no pep. Night after night I would lay by your side on the floor gently stroking your head wondering if you would still be with us tomorrow. After many trips to the vet and tons of TLC from the family, you started to grow hair and put on weight. There was a gleam in your eye and lots of pep in your step. The circle of love has started. When you were two, you met your buddy Kodie with whom you became life long friends. The two of you used to love going for rides with daddy. You would love chasing tennis balls around the open fields with him. The circle of love continues. Then came Luke and Bo, Kodies sons from another engagement. You took them in and mothered them just as though they were your own. Many pets, both cat and dog have passed through our home, and you mothered them all. The circle of love continues. Many times when I was feeling down and blue you were there for me. When I fell and broke my elbow, you would lay on the floor beside the bed or couch and love me. When I lost my job, you were there to help me through the depression. You would always let me know you were there by placing your nose under my arm or hand and flipping your head back as if to say “hey dad I’m right here and I love you. Please pet me”. The circle of love continues. Many wonderful years have passed by. Many times of going for a ride with daddy. Hardly a month would pass by without us play fighting, with momma in the back ground cheering you on to victory over daddy. The circle of love continues. When I came home from work, there was no life in your eyes, no pep in your step. For 13 years I’d dreaded this day. I knew the end was near. I laid on the floor next to you, as I’d done some many years ago and held you close in my arms. After the vet injected you and you were drifting off to sleep I held you close again. With your last gasp of breath I heard you say “it’s okay Dad, I’m going to a better place where there are no tumors or pain. I love you Dad”. Curling up next to you on that table, I said I love you too Honey. The circle of love is now complete. Or is it. In my dreams I see you running happy, joyous and free with Luke at you side. There’s life in your eyes and pep in your step. Your ears are perked up and tail wags like there is no tomorrow. I hear you saying “Dad it’s ok. I’m happy and free of pain. Even though I’m not physically with you, I will always be with you in your heart. I love you dad. And the circle of love continues. I drew some inspiration for this writing from the song “chain of love” by Clay Walker.

Previous Home: Clinton ia
Parents: Tom and Lori Johnson
ORB Sibblings: Luke  Kodie  Kelly Anne  Bo (bubba)  Sassy  

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