Randie Lee
April 27, 2001 - 12/29/2012

Hi Randie Lee, Wow, I can't believe I had to take you to begin your journey across the bridge. I know Candie and Mandy greeted you on the bridge, you are free now to run and have fun with your sister and birth Mommy. Bubba wanted me to tell you how much he loves and misses you. Nash, Dukie and Flashie do too. You were such a fun little girl, the memories we have of you we will hold dear to us. Always be the girly girl you were. I will always remember you being the springy little girl, climbing up the birdcage, jumping up on the counter to watch the water come up the sink while the dishwasher ran. You were such a spunky little girl. The house seems empty. Daddy said to tell you he misses you staring at him till he would move out of your seat on the couch :( Run free Randie, play with the birds, and other dogs, but always keep close to Candie and Mandy, they will guide you along and teach you your new way of life. Our paths will cross again, and I know I will see your pretty little face again. I love you Randie! Love, Mommy New Years Day, I miss you girly girl. ;( Hi Girly Girl, are you having fun over there? Bubba misses you a lot. A couple times we thought he was going to join you but he isn't ready yet. Cross your paws that his eye gets better. We still miss you. Have you run into Aunt Tala yet? She is running around up there too. Tell Streak, Mandy and Candie Ann we said hi and all the boys said WOOF WOOF, we miss you! Love, Daddy, Mommy, Bubba, Dukie, Flashie and Nash Hi Girly Girl, were you surprised to see Bo Duke and Bubba arrive so close together? It was quite hard down here for Mommy and Daddy losing them so close, but Bubba was ready to be with you again, he always talked about his little chick. Life sure is quiet here with just Nash and Flash. Nash can't hear now, he's deaf, which is sad, but Flash is looking out for him. I know both of them miss you all. <3 Love you Randie Lee and take care of everyone!

Previous Home: California
Parents: Lee and Cheri Crane
ORB Sibblings: Candie Ann  Mandy Lynn  Little Bo Duke  Bubba  Nash  Harley  Flash  

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