Candie Ann
4/27/2001 - 4/1/2011

Candie, you are missed so much already by your Mommy and Daddy and beagle brother's and sisters, Mandy, Bubba, Flash, Lil Bo Duke, Nash and Randie Lee. We will always remember your sweet little freckle face and will miss you everyday. Be in peace little girl and I know your Birth Daddy Streak is watching over you.

<3 <3 Well Cotton Candie Ann, we made it thru the weekend, I looked at your picture more than once and tears still come to my eyes. I still can't believe that you are gone. I hope you are in peace little girl and you will always be in my thought. I love you Candie, your Mommy.. It has been almost 6 months Candie, Mommy and Daddy still miss you and think about your sweet disposition and cute little freckle face. We will never forget you Freckles. PS Randie Lee said to tell you hi.. Hi Candie Ann, well Christmas is upon us, doesn't seem right without you here, everyone misses you bunches, and I still say good-night to you every night. I hope Santa visits you over the other side of the bridge and brings you a big bone to chew on. Love you little Freckle Faced Girl.... PS Randie Lee said hi and she misses her big sister. <3 Hi Candie Girl, Hope that you were there to greet Mandy as she was crossing the bridge. I know how much you probably missed her as she has missed you. We still talk about you little girl and miss you. Introduce Mandy to all the fun things there are for her to do over there and tell her we won't forget her. PS Give her face a bath, she missed having you do that for her. Love you little girl....Mommy

Previous Home: California
Parents: Lee and Cheri Crane
ORB Sibblings: Mandy Lynn  Randie Lee  Little Bo Duke  Bubba  Nash  Harley  Flash  

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