1997 - December 26, 2010

Sadie, Good morning sweet girl. You went on your terms at home. I hope you are adjusting well to the special place you are at now. I hope Daniel has found you and the two of you are playing again. Shanny and Gordie miss you. We all miss you. I hope you were as happy with us as we were with you. Such a sweet sweet girl. Forever your friend. I love you.

Good morning girl. It has been a month and I am thinking of you each day still. I am glad you are ok now and able to do everything without restrictions but we still wish you were here. Heather drew a nice picture last night. She still misses you a lot. You and Daniel can play and play like before. Bye Sadie.

Hey there Sadie. Just wanted to say hi. Take care of Daniel.

Hi girl. Gordie is now ill. He is dealing with it pretty good so far. I hope you and D-Man watch over him. I guess you know we got Gordie and Shanny someone to play with. I pick her up tonight. I think you would have liked her. She seems real nice. You are still missed ole girl.

Previous Home: Oak Lawn, Il
Parents: Danny Jackson
ORB Sibblings: Daniel  Gordie  Shanny  Sunny  

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