1996 - Febuary 19 2010

Sara was a devoted family pet. The three things she loved the most were her human family, tennis balls, and our pond. She always thought that it was her job to protect us. When we got her an electric fence, dad led her up to it to show her what it did. But she just kept on going, and dad thought that it was not working. It was working however, she just thought that he was getting shocked too. She loved her tennis balls to bits, she loved playing fetch. If we did not throw it for her, she just threw her own balls. Labs love to swim, and the pond joined all her favorite things together, tennis balls, her human family, and swimming. We used to spend hours playing in the pond together.

Her least favorite things were guns, thunderstorms, fireworks, and cameras. These fears probably started with guns, then thunderstorms and fireworks because they had a boom like the gun, then cameras because they had a flash like the fireworks and thunderstorms. During a thunderstorm we did not have to worry that she would run away. She only alternated between hiding in my room and pacing up and down the halls checking to make sure everyone was OK.

When Sara grew old, she had trouble with arthritis and cataracts. We had to make sure we did not throw the tennis ball too far when we played fetch with her. In her later days she just couldn't keep from having accidents, when she never had an accident before. She hated it, and she was suffering, so we had to take her to the vet one last time. We had a special day with her, we gave her a whole waffle to herself, gave her roast (sensing a trend here?) and did not cry because it would upset her.I felt so empty when she was gone, and cried the entire day afterward.

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Parents: Anna G.

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