- 3 November, 2008

Dakota, my friend, my companion, I pray that you have arrived safely at the Rainbow Bridge and now await my joining you. I miss you so much my friend, my heart feels empty. Will, Rachelle, and the kitties love you and miss you too. We rejoice that you are no longer in pain, that you are now free to run as you will, and pray you will join with Fraction, Jack, Kodiak Bear, Tigger, and the others who passed before you. I pray with all my heart that when my time comes you will all be there to greet me, that we will all join together crossing the Rainbow Bridge. God has smiled upon you, releasing you from your Earthly bonds, trials, and tribulations. Go forth my faithful friend, play with the others in the eternal sunshine of God's Love. I hold memories of you in my heart with everlasting Love, awaiting the day we are all together again. Thank You and God Bless You for being a true friend and companion for Will and I. Until we meet again, my Love and Prayers are with you, Dad

Previous Home: Cape May, NJ
Parents: Peter Fawcett
ORB Sibblings: Tigger  Kodiak Bear  Nakita  Ghostie  Hairy  

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