05/01/1991 - 10/06/2008

Marley (My Munchie Girl), 05/01/91-10/06/08

I remember vividly the day we went to Pets Inc. adoption/rescue agency and looked at all the kitties in their cages. Your cage said your name was "Marley" and that you were 2 years old. Pam (owner of agency) said you had been very neglected by some tennis pro and had lived at the vet's for a year and the tennis pro finally agreed to give you up for adoption. Don fell in love with you immediately in that cage. I took a little more convincing. We got you home and you immediately went and hid under the bed. I remember vividly standing in the living room and saying "Marley. What a weird name to name a cat. Who would name their cat Marley? Well, that's the first thing I'm going to change is her name, Marley."

We were shocked beyond belief when you immediately came out from under the bed and sat at my feet and that the definite look on your face of "Yes?? You called me." I remember standing dumbfounded and said "Don, I think this cat knows her name! 'Marley' it is!"

And Marley it always was. We miss you more than words can describe. You were such an incredible loving, giving, nurturing friend to us.

We miss you on each of our chests purring like crazy and rubbing your chin on our chins. Now Snowflake is trying to fill the void, but she doesn't have your great and deep personality.

I miss our little game of you purring and rubbing your head against my mouth until your right ear was in my mouth. Then I would 'munch' on your ear playfully. Then you would pull your ear out of my mouth and run your front right paw over your ear in playful 'disgust.' Then you would purposely stick your ear back in my mouth for me to do it again. (repeat, repeat, repeat). I miss you my Munchie Girl.

We miss you scraping your paw on the screen porch's aluminum door causing it to bang repeatedly in the definite message of "I want to go explore in the yard, NOW!" and how you wouldn't quit until we let you out or answered you "not now sweetie, it's raining." Don was always worried harm would befall you. I knew you were ok, because you knew every millimeter of that yard and loved (and needed) to go exploring and stalking the birds and squirrels. How many times did you scrap the door and then I would let you out and Don would anxiously watch for you to which I would say, "Let her be a cat!"

How the birds and squirrels used to squalk at you as they retreated to the trees in safety waiting for you to leave! I remember laughing at you when you finally figured out you were declawed but didn't let a little thing like that stop you...and so you chased after the squirrel up the tree anyway. You got this devilish stalking look in your eyes and RAN to the tree as fast as you could, and then JUMPED onto the tree with your back feet out first so they could dig in! I remember fondly how you used to sit in the yard and would just duck your head but not give up any ground when an angry blue jay would dive bomb you trying to get you to leave!

My how we knew each other well. All I had to do was a clucking sound and you knew that meant "no use arguing - time to come in."

We miss you screaming and demanding your little bowl of Lactaid milk each and every morning to the point we called you "the cat alarm has gone off!" Sometimes when we would get up in the wee hours of the morning, to use the restroom, we would say "Don't set the cat alarm off." It wasn't your fault. You couldn't tell time and didn't know it was 4 a.m.! We miss you "doing drive-bys" of when you thought it was morning or you couldn't wait for your milk any longer and so you would jump on one corner of the foot of the bed, walk the edge up to my head, walk across my head, then walk across Don's, then walk down to the bottom of the bed....wait a few seconds...and do it again...and again till we got up. You sure are a feisty critter with tons of personality! !

I miss you jumping on my lap so many times that I didn't even realize you were there till I looked down and saw you and asked you "How long have you been here Munchie Girl?" I miss you knowing I was upset and you jumping on my lap to calm me down. How many times did you do that?? A zillion? Such an intuitive and smart kitty our Marley girl!

It broke my heart to see you get old, frail and weaker There were several times we thought you wouldn't pull through, but you did. Dr. Sheridan is the best vet in the world! Back in July 2005, when she operated on you for the vaccination-site fibrosarcoma lump, it scared me at how long the 5-inch incision was. But she was wise and said "Don't be scared at the incision. I wanted to make sure I got it all." And she DID. You had that one spot between your shoulder blades that just wouldn't heal and you kept scratching at it, pulling the stitches and it got infected. So I doctored you with the medicine Dr. Sheridan gave me. And then I came up with the 'kitty sweater cast" made out of my ankle sock that's in the picture below. Man were you MAD when I took that picture! But it WORKED! Your 'spot' healed completely and you were fine and plump again.

Don told me he prayed "Lord, give us another year with Marley; give us another Christmas, etc." And You did and we thank You. You lived an amazing 3 1/2 more years after that surgery that Dr. Sheridan said "cats don't survive fibrosarcoma." A more caring vet there never was.

You were a definite Gift from God for 17 years and 6 months until your little body gave out.

Bright and early the morning of Monday, October 6, I did as Dr. Sheridan had instructed 4 days before and I dropped you off at the vet's for you to have your blood work repeated and see if you had improved. But I KNEW that the results would be grim. And as soon as I got into my car, I fell apart in the car crying hysterically. I prayed for God's guidance. I was in unchartered waters.

I'm VERY grateful the older lady (who I KNOW was an angel who came right when I needed her) tapped on my car's window and asked to hug me, to which I melted crying. She was a Mom right when I really needed a mom. She gave me a soft shoulder to cry on, strong arms that held me and a voice that was both soft and gentle, yet firm and strong. She told me what I needed to do was to do what was best for you, not me--and to not let you suffer was the main thing. And that for me to keep you alive from this point on would keep you in pain and would be selfish. But I WANTED to be selfish! I didn't want you to go yet! But God was calling you Home and you needed to go to Him. She reassured me gently yet with a voice of authority and said, "Don't worry. You'll dream about her tonight." After I was composed and I was driving away, I saw the lady walking down the street with a cane. I stopped. Rolled down my window and said to her "I didn't know angels needed canes." She softly and unsurprisingly said in reply "Sometimes...when our wings aren't working so well." We both smiled and she walked on as I drove away. For hours I KNEW I had been VISITED by God's servant and that knowledge carried me through the tough decision when yes, the blood work results were horrible. You went peacefully back to Heaven resting on my lap in my arms. It was indeed very peaceful, gentle and (surprisingly to me) fast.

Thank you Lord for giving me the guidance and strength to make it through that decision and follow through of letting Marley come home to You. Wow that was tough!

Thank you Lord for indeed allowing her to return to me in a very vivid and lasting dream that same night--just as the lady angel said would happen. You Marley looked WONDERFUL, healthy, plump again, glossy and happy. I was grateful that you Marley told me you were fine and not to miss you. (I'm not doing so good with that last point.)

To all who read this, know that Marley is a very special, unique, loving, giving, beautiful soul. And pray for me to let the grief go.



Well, it's been a week since Marley went Home, and the good news is the intensity of the grief has subsided greatly. Now my husband and I are left with wonderful memories of our dear "Marley," "Marlito," "Munchie Girl". But we're still waiting on the necropsy results to tell us exactly why you passed on. That day will be rough I'm sure.

10/20/08 Update: I went to paralegal class tonight. At the end of the class I thanked the professor for her kindness these last two weeks. We talked about you and I was stunned at how my emotions of missing you came back so strongly till I was fighting back tears. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It has only been two weeks. I really miss you on my chest with your head resting on my chin and you nuzzling me and purring so loudly till I used to say, "Purr louder! They can't hear you in China!" I can't believe in all the years we had you that there's not one picture of you on my chest. I'm sure you're happier with not having to get pills every day along with B-12 shots and occasional IVs. You are now whole and happy again. And Don said he had a vision of you playing with Boydog and Charlie and that they were licking you all over in happiness. That's a lovely site. Thanks Lord for the vision and Lord, let Marley visit us in our dreams anytime!

10/23/08 Update: Pathologist's report finally came in. Turns out you had two forms of cancer, adenocarcinoma that had metastisized in your liver, lymph nodes and lungs and you had fibrosarcoma in your mouth. Yes, it was indeed your time to go.

No WONDER you came to me in the dream and told me point blank that you felt GOOD now! I bet you do feel great now that you get to scamper around Heaven!! One day Don and I will come join you and Boydog, Charlie, Blackie, Lightening, Smokey and all the critters God has given us to love and cherish over our lifetimes. And Snowflake too when it is her time to join you.

10/06/09 Update: It's been a whole year since you returned Home. I still miss you on my chest calming me down and purring. I miss how personable and demanding you were. Snowflake has come a very long way in her recovery, but she does not get in my face on my chest like you always did and say "PET ME MOM!" Her method is much more subtle. She is such a tender soft fragile soul. We moved months ago (1/31/09). That makes it easier to let you go. Don and I miss you but know we will see you again. Take care and tell Jesus thanks for the gift of you.

Thanks Roger and everyone for all the prayers and support.


Previous Home: Columbia, SC
Parents: Terry and Don Allen
ORB Sibblings: Snowflake  

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