4/12/94 - 10/28/05

Our Best Friend. We miss you terribly and know you would not want us to be sad. You will forever be in our hearts. Good Boy! Love, Mommy and Daddy.... 12/02/05: You know that you could never be replaced or forgotten. We now ask that you continue to watch over us and our two new additions to our life. 04/12/06: Happy Birthday Buddy! We miss you more than ever. 10/4/06: As the weather changes, we celebrate the anniversary of our new home and the birthday of Millie and Maddie. It is with a heavy heart that we rejoice. Know that you are always in our hearts. Think of you often, Miss you always, Love you forever. Mommy & Daddy 10-28-06: A year ago you left our world and left a huge hole in our hearts. Although it has been a year it feels like yesterday. For just yesterday, you would run if a bag crumpled, give the obligatory bark at the mailman and snuggle more as fall turned to winter. You guided two new puppies our way to try to help us get through the days. We know you are their guardian angel. Thank you for all the joy you brought us. You are forever in our memories and hearts. All our Love, Mommy and Daddy 9-15-07: As the leaves begin to change and the smell of Autumn is in the air, we are once reminded of the friend we held so dear. We think of you often and tell your sisters about the "buddy" for whom we have so many wonderful memories. I hope you are enjoying running through the clouds and chewing on treats from the angels. We love you, Mommy 10-28-07: We remember you on this day that we had to say good-bye. Still can't think about it, without a good cry. Our spotty dog friend remains in our heart, it seems so long ago that we needed to part. With a heavy heart and some tears in our eyes, we celebrate your life, little buddy, favorite guy. Big hugs and kisses from your Mommy and Daddy. 4-12-08: Happy Birthday Buddy! We still remember you everyday, and your sisters keep us busy in every way. They enjoy spaghetti night as much as you, but we still laugh when we think of your beautiful white face with orange spots. Maddie is my shadow just like you and Millie keeps Daddy warm with snuggles too. We don't visit Grandma's so much, you still hold King of the Castle of Radcliffe Rd. Hunt Cup is coming up, the anniversary of when we met. Know you are still filling our hearts, forever on that you can bet. Sweet Dreams little buddy, Sweet Dreams. Mommy 10-28-08 As this date comes around our hearts melt thinking of all the warm memories you brought into our lives. The rattle of your collar reminds us that you are a little angel who still watches over us, quietly walks among us and guards over your two little sisters. As the tears still sting my eyes, I try to find comfort that you are running through the clouds searching for treats but still sitting in your special chair - you will always be the King of Everywhere. Much love and kisses, rest well little buddy. Love Mommy 4-12-09 Thinking of you on your special day! Your sisters had Easter toys and puppy bagels, we know you are watching over them, keeping them safe. We have a new addition coming into our lives and hope that you are sending positive puppy vibes to watch over him and to make sure your sisters welcome him warmly. We love you and think of you often. Rest well best friend, rest well! Love, Mommy 10/28/09- Its been 4 years since you left us, we still miss our spotty dog. Our new addition has arrived and we will be sure to tell him all about you and share photos with him. Still missing you and love always, Mommy and Daddy 4/12/10-Remembering you on your Birthday. We still miss you so much. Love, Mommy and Daddy 10/28/10-We can't believe its been 5 years since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. We think of you every day and still miss you terribly. wWe will be setting up your memorial tree very soon. Miss You buddy! Love, Mommy and Daddy 10/8/15-Thinking of you today as we had another loss in the family with the passing of John's buddy Murphy. Cant believe its almost 10 years since you left us Still missing you friend. Love, Daddy and Mommy 4/2/19-Say hello to Maddie! She arrived today. She shared our home as you did. Please welcome her! 4/4/19 Hey Spotty Dog, I think of you often and look at your pictures and puppy memorial everyday. As you know, Daddy has told you about our little angel Maddie. She was so smart, protective, brave and affectionate. She loved belly rubs and being with me ALL of the time. I dubbed her my shadow. Welcome her over this rainbow bridge and show her all the ropes of finding happiness and treats. Missing you and loving you forever! Mommy

Previous Home: Towson, Maryland
Parents: Scott, Amy and Harrison Morton
ORB Sibblings: Madison (Maddie)  

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